Tartu Folk-Off 2022

About the event

Tartu Folk-Off is a web show that brings together folklore groups from all over Europe to challenge each other and participate in a fierce folk battle! The winner of Folk-Off will be chosen by the combined votes of the international jury and the audience.

The show’s editor-in-chief is Helin Pihlap and it is directed by Raul Markus Vaiksoo.

The web show Tartu Folk-Off was created as an alternative for the Tartu Youth Folklore Festival, which had to be cancelled in 2020 due to restrictions. Helin Pihlap: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an event with a format like this one, not in Estonia or anywhere else. The show offers many new possibilities which would be unheard of in regular festivals.” Director Raul Markus Vaiksoo has said that while it is a competition revolved around folklore, the show is more about inspiring young people to communicate with each other and learn more about different cultures’ similarities and differences. “We strive to focus more on the participation aspect rather than the competition part of the show. Tartu Folk-Off is an opportunity to find new friends and have a fun night together, even if it’s through the web!”

Folklore Club Maatasa has been the representative folk group of Tartu since 2016. The group was awarded “Organizer of the Year 2020” by the Estonian Folk Dance and Folk Music Association.

Us in the news:

Aktuaalne Kaamera 



Die Ludwigsteiner


Arwed Bettner

Kihnu Mare lastegrupp


Mare Mätas, Maria Michelson



Solveiga Kūlaine



Maiia Saipel



Milda Ričkutė



Piotr Jakubiec



Kristīne Karele

Tartu Folklore Club Maatasa


Halliki Pihlap, Helin Pihlap


Halliki Pihlap

Project lead

+3725211806 halliki@pihlap.ee

Helin Pihlap


+37256247653 helin@pihlap.ee

Raul Markus Vaiksoo

Director, screenwriter

Meelis Pihlap

Technical editor and host

Carol Maask


Tuule Pihlap


Jürgen Laks


Hendrik VIja



How to participate

Terms of participating in Tartu Folk-Off 2022

The show is organized and hosted by Folklore Club Maatasa, seeking out folklore groups from all across Europe.
The average age of the participants should be between 15-30 years.
Participating groups will receive a challenge that involves filming a video which will then premiere during the show on November 19th.

To audition for the show, please follow the instructions below.
The deadline for sending in your audition is April 10th.

The videos shown during the live web show are pre-recorded but competing groups must be prepared to participate live during the show via Zoom.
To get a better understanding of Folk-Off, previously aired shows from past years can be found on our YouTube channel.
Watch the recap of Tartu Folk-Off 2022 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tInzJcqr0M

The winner of Folk-Off will be chosen by combining the votes of the international jury and the audience. The videos are scored based on their content, creativity, and technical execution.

Prizes: The first and second place will receive a monetary prize (800 and 500 euros).
In addition to the main prizes, special prizes from various Estonian enterprises will be handed out and the audience’s favorite will also be rewarded.
We encourage all kinds of folklore groups to participate in the show.


The audition for the show consists of two rounds. To register for the first round, please send a letter to folklooriklubimaatasa@gmail.com.
The letter must include:
contacts of the group (name, photo, social media etc).
– Short introduction of the group.
video of the group’s performance.
The video has to include a performance of a traditional song and dance performed in folk costumes accompanied by live music.
Please send the video with a Google Drive link. The video is the most important part of the first round of auditions.

The organizers of Tartu Folk-Off will contact the groups that are chosen for the second round of auditions and will then be given further instructions.
In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at folklooriklubimaatasa@gmail.com!
Be sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts to be up to date with all the latest news and information.

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